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Scray Cheese Shoppe

When you think of Wisconsin, what comes to mind? Cheese!!

Scray Cheese Shoppe first opened its doors in July of 2009.

Our shoppe carries over 100 different types of cheese, almost all made in Wisconsin and many made on sight. We also offer an array of cheese spreads,  specialty Wisconsin meats and premium ice cream. 

With a viewing window in the shoppe, customers are able to see the craft of cheese making as well as the cheese makers hard at work! Fresh cheese is made Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so if you are looking for cheese curds, visit on one of these days. (These cheese making days may vary during Holiday weeks).

Scray Cheese specializes in Gouda/Edam, Fontina, and Cheddar.

Gouda and Edam are the same cheese here in America, they just come in different shapes. Both are a semi-soft, creamy, full flavored, slightly sweet flavored cheese. Scray’s Smoked Gouda is sent to a Wisconsin smoke house to be naturally smoked with oak wood chips. 

 Cheddar is a semi-hard, creamy cheese with a sharp finish that gets stronger in flavor with age. 

Squeaky fresh cheese curds are made almost daily. Cheese curds are a result of cheddar making, they are cheddar cheese that has not been pressed into a solid block and can be left on the counter for up to 3 days after they are made to “keep the squeak”. 

In 2012, Scray Cheese started making handcrafted Fontina cheese. Fontina is a semi-soft, mild, nutty flavored cheese. Similar to Gouda, Fontina is more creamy and is better when enjoyed within 6 months of the make date. Great for melting in a recipe, making fondue or for a cheese tray.

A drive-thru window is also available!

Want Wisconsin cheese delivered to your doorstep?

No problem! Scray Cheese Shoppe now offers online ordering. We still take phone orders, otherwise stop on by to personally choose the cheese needed to be shipped. (Great for Birthdays or “Thank You” gifts!)

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