12 Days Of Christmas

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12 Days, 12 different cheeses to count down to Christmas. You will receive 12 – ½# pieces of cheese made at Scray Cheese. This box will only ship out on Dec. 6th & 7th, so you must order by the 5th of December to get this box. This is the box you want to send to yourself.

We have picked our favorite flavors:

8 oz. Fresh Cheese Curds (Everyone’s Favorite)

8 oz. Fresh Cheddar

8 oz. Medium Cheddar

8 oz. Gouda (Kayla’s Favorite)

8 oz. Smoked Gouda (Award Winning)

8 oz. Raspberry Chipotle Cheddar

8 oz. Fontina (Excellent Melting Cheese)

8 oz. Garlic Pepper Cheddar

8 oz. Tomato Basil Cheddar (Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwich)

8 oz. Spinach Artichoke Cheddar (Kelly’s Favorite)

8 oz. French Onion Cheddar (Sue’s Favorite)

8 oz. Basil & Garlic Cheddar

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